American Sign Language at Home

A Family Curriculum

American Sign Language (ASL) at Home:

An innovative, family-centered curriculum designed for families with young deaf children and the professionals who support them.

Who can teach with this curriculum?

  • Teachers of the deaf

  • Deaf mentors/coaches

  • Speech-language pathologists

  • ASL specialists

  • And more!

Who can learn from this curriculum?

This edition of ASL at Home is geared toward families of children under or around one year of age. However, this is just a starting point. The eventual goal is to expand this curriculum to include more routine themes for infants and for young children over one year of age. In addition, please bear in mind that many of the same routines likely also apply to older children who are just starting to acquire their first language.

Where can I use this curriculum?

  • Home visits

  • Center-based programs

  • Family ASL classes

  • Distance-learning platforms

ASL at Home is launching the first four lessons in Summer 2020!

For more information, contact the authors, Razi M. Zarchy and Leah C. Geer, at
AmericanSignLanguageAtHome [at] gmail [dot] com.

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