ASL at Home is launching the first four lessons in Summer 2020!

For more information, contact the authors,

Razi M. Zarchy and Leah C. Geer, at

AmericanSignLanguageAtHome [at] gmail [dot] com.

About the Authors

photo of Razi Zarchy, smiling and wearing a light blue shirt with a dark gray tie

Razi M. Zarchy, MS, CCC-SLP

is a hearing Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in the Sacramento, California area, working primarily in a Deaf Education program. He has been an SLP since 2011.

In Spring 2020, with the onset of COVID-19 and the abrupt switch to distance learning, Razi created an extensive spreadsheet of resources for families and providers of deaf and hard of hearing children, called Razi's Resources for Communication at Home.

Leah C. Geer, PhD

is a deaf Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the ASL and Deaf Studies program at California State University, Sacramento. She has been teaching ASL since 2011. Click here for her website.